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  1. tumblr gold required

    A Helpful Guide to Tumblr Slang

    Tumblr is known for its insular culture, hatred of outsiders and “nerds”, and love of dark irony. The slang of Tumblr largely centers on reactions to others’ content, especially negative ones.

    Knowing these terms is essential to “breaking in” to Tumblr, as otherwise a new user will be swiftly ejected from the online society. Playing “by the rules” is a must in this monocultural community.

    What is air?: A response signaling extreme emotion or appreciation. The implication is that the subject of the reply is so amazing, the reader can’t remember merely “great” things like the French electropop band Air. The first person to ask it was Photoshopped into an advice meme:

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  2. Bird icons in the iTunes app store

    How to Make Your App Store Icon (Look Like Everyone Else’s)

    Apple’s iTunes App Store has approved more than 500,000 apps since launching in July 2008, making it maddeningly difficult for a new app to stand out.

    Your best advertising tool is your app icon. You’ve got less than a square inch to work with here, so it’s got to be to-the-point, shamelessly populist and stupid obvious.

    It must follow the pack; it must follow the hell out of it.

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  3. Misleading top image

    Top 11 Sneaky and Underhanded Ways Websites Get You to Read an Article

    Like it or not, websites rely on advertising revenue to operate. So web publishers are always looking for creative ways to increase web traffic. However, much like such risqué topics as Scientology and anal butt sex, the topic of increasing pageviews is rarely discussed out in the open…until now! Below are 11 sneaky, rotten and downright underhanded ways in which websites get you to read an article.


  4. Twitter solidarity header

    The Twitter Avatar Color Spectrum

    Two years ago, in the the wake of citizen protests following the re-election of controversial Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a funny thing happened on Twitter. Users began adding a green tint to their avatars in order to show support for the protesters, and for the emerging pro-democracy movement in the Middle East. Using my own Twitter as a point of comparison, it looked a little something like this…

    But just as the so-called “Arab Spring” has grown outward from Iran to other countries such as Egypt and Libya, so too has the scope and meaning of chroma-key microblog avatars.

    Think of it like the hanky code. »

  5. Google+ Cheat Sheet — OMG guys, you use the spacebar to scroll!

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