Charts and Graft

  1. The Year in Memes!

    Everybody’s getting into meme-tracking! Google’s got their Zeitgeist, Facebook’s got their grandma-like definition of memes. So Slacktory made our own chart of 2012′s best memes:

    Slacktory 2012 meme graph

    Background photo via A Place to Love Dogs

  2. Chart: How much I know vs. how much I pretend to know

    I’m a pretty smart guy! But not the way you think I am.

  3. badchart

    Venn Diagram fail on the NY Subway

    A few weeks ago, I took a picture of this ad I found on the NY Subway and forgot to do anything with it. I apologize,  my mind was elsewhere — probably unpacking the trip’s later encounter with a young man who tried to elicit money from me by “tying my shoe for Jesus” and was then baffled by the way I wear my laces*.

    Anyway, thanks to my Twitter friends @Thalesdisciple and @mackenzief, this ad is back on my radar and can finally get the ridicule it deserves.

    Let the ridicule commence. »

  4. Borg queen
  5. Batman suit
  6. Maggie Jordan is helpless

    A Timeline of Aaron Sorkin’s Women

    Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom gets criticized for its unintelligent female characters. But you have to view it in context of Sorkin’s whole career. It gets much, much worse.

    See the timeline of Sorkin’s female characters. »

  7. Some actress I don't know

    A Detailed Timeline of George Clooney’s Pranks

    George Clooney is such a prankster that a celebrity gossip/YouTube carnival blog invented a noun for him. None of us at Slacktory are that clever, so I covered for it with a big-ass infographic with friendly, brightly-colored text.

    If any of these can’t be confirmed on Google, then I guess they’re a scoop. MUST CREDIT SLACKTORY, etc.

    See the George Clooney prankopotamus infographic! »

  8. Archer banner

    The Archer Alignment Chart

    Everyone on the FX show Archer tends toward chaotic neutral, so I mapped them out on two different axes: Niceness and competence.

  9. Slacktory’s Hierarchy of Poops

    Maslow had a hierarchy of needs, we have this.

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