1. Is This Feminist?: Probably the Funniest You Can Be While Mocking Political Correctness

    This woman is giving you a thumbs up. IS THIS FEMINIST?

    TRIGGER WARNING. The “thumbs up” is the most phallocentric gesture imaginable. You are literally telling someone that a good job is the equivalent of growing a penis. In this case, two penises.

    Additionally, this kind of casual congratulation has been known to put the recipient in a good mood, which can lead to entire minutes of complacency about their own privilege. PROBLEMATIC.

    Is This Feminist?

    I don’t really want to say that political correctness is a real thing, but a certain sort of language has gotten popular on certain parts of the internet, right? A language of people really ready to be hurt and offended by, say, an HBO sitcom?

    And Is This Feminist? doesn’t mock feminism or progressivism, but the faux-feminism and over-sensitivity that end up dicking over the people they’re supposed to protect. It feels like self-mockery, which is the best mockery. AMUSING.

    Via: Stephanie Georgeopulos

  2. Teacup Asians

    Teacup Asians is a blog of Asian people, mostly girls, coming out of teacups. Like this:

    Is this, like, a phrase? If it is, Google hadn’t heard of it.

    Is this racist? Are we racist? I’m working out of a bar today and my mind feels awkward.

    Via: Bobby Finger

  3. Single-Topic Tumblr “Old People Holding Hands” Doesn’t Make It All OK Again

    It’s been a hard day for all of us who read even just the highlights of the massive “what’s your darkest secret” Reddit thread. We need some normal lives to look at. Let’s try Old People Holding Hands!

    Their anniversary had coincidentally fallen on the half-priced pancake day at Denny’s. Accompanied by the senior’s discount, this meal was going to cost next to nothing. Phil and Mary shuffled quickly across the street; they dreaded sitting in the drafty booth next to the door. Phil noted that this year was already looking up and that his left shoelace was undone.

    Oh right, those of us who never undergo life-altering horrors will eventually wither into sad scavengers with comically lowered expectations!

    Old People Holding Hands: A Tumblr.

  4. I Just Discovered MediaTakeOut (“The Most Visited Urban Website in the World”), Everybody

    The following post, which got passed around a few New York media-person tumblrs this week, is from MediaTakeOut, which is apparently not a satirical blog in the style of Hipster Runoff but a sincere celebrity gossip blog.

    A 2007 Boston Globe piece says MediaTakeOut (sample headline: WE GOT PICS . . . OF THE TOP DRAFT PICKS GIRLFRIENDS . . . AND ALL WE GOTTA SAY IS . . . WHERE THE BLACK WOMEN AT?????) is run by Fred Mwangaguhunga, a “former corporate lawyer”. In an NPR interview, Mwangaguhunga:  sounds as serious about his job as Gawker’s Nick Denton.

    But I am going to ignore that and read MediaTakeOut (sample headline: CAUGHT SLIPPIN!!! A WOMAN Tweets Out A Pic . . . Of RIHANNA’S EX . . . Baseball Player MATT KEMP . . . SLEEPING ON THE COUCH!!!) as pure satire, and probably read the entire internet as pure satire, and thus will I find true happiness.

  5. HBO Girls lineup

    Here Is Your Opinion on HBO’s “Girls”

    We have an opinion on Lena Dunham’s Girls!

    We got our opinion from a days-old satirical blog post! It’s a deconstruction of many people’s criticisms of Girls.

    Tumblr’s B Michael Payne writes a 15-point critique, saying shit like:

    One time I tried to sleep with the girl like Lena Dunham to make her feel better about herself, and she didn’t want to, and I stopped talking to her after that because she was irredeemably sad and terrible.


    [Lena Dunham having money] makes her television show not as good as shows depicting poor people like “The Wire”.

    Read more highlights, or just go read the whole piece. »

  6. Context-Free Patent Art: Your New Favorite Tumblr

    Context-Free Patent Art posts illustrations from video game patents. It’s… it’s my job to write these descriptions of single-topic Tumblrs, and I feel like I’m just getting in the way here.

    Click the pics for the source posts.

    See two more context-free patent illustrations. »

  7. Jurassic Parks & Recreation

    is one of those screencap/quote mashup blogs. It makes things like:

    Go read it.

  8. Treehugger banner

    Matt Jurns Reads a Blog: Treehugger

    Treehugger is full of great news and editorials about green living, and that’s wonderful; but all of that is secondary to what I saw while looking at their site this evening. According to one of their articles, a gentleman by the name of Szymon Hanczar has invented a ‘global warming sled’ which doesn’t need snow.

    This is very cute of them to highlight, but let us review the product outside of the context of its topical cleverness. It has 1) a flat wooden surface, 2) a metal frame, and 3) small horrible wheels.

    Which is a real problem. Read on. »

  9. Robot schlong

    Tumblr Tag Trend: Robots With Boners

    Tumblr’s still like a cool guy that won’t bitch about watching romantic comedies with you [straight guys: substitute "girl" and "playing video games". Demographic humor]. A comedian says there should be more posts tagged “robots with boners” so Tumblr’s editorial director reblogs it and by the next morning there are lots of robots with boners (NSFW duh).

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