1. Okc_ebooks: Pick-up artists trying to chat up a robot horse

    Okc_ebooks creator Sam Kriss made a fake female profile on the dating site OkCupid, through which he responds to unsolicited messages from men with quotes from @horse_ebooks, the surreal Twitter bot that streams nonsensical snippets of text. The result: dozens of conversations from horny men desperately vying to have sex with a robot.


    That men on dating websites are desperate enough to forge conversations with aleatory internet patter is not in itself surprising. For women who receive an abundance of unsolicited messages from men, it is effortless to reject a would-be suitor. There is no need to give an “I have a boyfriend” or even a “no.” Thus, to some men, any response at all from a woman is encouragement enough to try to keep the conversation going, even if that response is “Almost immediately Together Turned immediately Immediately Immediately Immediately Immediately Immediately Immediately Immediately.”

    What’s surprising is how perfectly Okc_ebooks illustrates how pickup artists degrade communication. »

  2. Robin Hood in his twenties

    Fairy tales for twenty-somethings

    Are you tired of self-centered,  single-serving tumblrs for malaised urban twenty-somethings? Me neither! Sometimes it’s nice to wallow in your own numbness.

    Fairy Tales for Twenty-Somethings is a Tumblr started in mid-August. It’s a folkloric version of ‘Fuck I’m in My Twenties’, with each post a self-contained story. Every post has the same competing senses of generalized anxiety and germinating self-actualization that characterizes the work of Emma Koenig, Lena Dunham, or Noah Baumbach.

    See some of the best posts before you read the blog’s entire archives. »

  3. Windows 95 tips - collecting blood

    Windows 95 Tips will possess and sustain you, computer user

    Windows 95 Tips is a collection of scary screenshots from an old operating system — but it’s also building the story of one second-person protagonist trapped in a decrepit OS for over a decade.

    See three of the best posts. »

  4. Fuck! I’m in the twenties.

    The relatable observational blog Fuck! I’m in My Twenties (buy the book) has a new parody called Fuck! I’m in the Twenties. It’s about the 1920s. Will it last for over a week, or is it just a pretty-good one-off gag? WHO KNOWS.

    Here’s their best joke so far:

    Feel that rhythm, I’m not bullshitting here, there’s a real rhythm to joke lists, and this lands it like a slightly-dated Olympic gymnast metaphor.

  5. dummy

    Guy leaves intentionally stupid comments on news articles

    Ken M is a troll of the highest order and his targets are news articles, or Twitter accounts, or Facebook posts — well, pretty much anything. But his best work is on news articles.

    More stupidity. »

  6. filmit

    The top 10 photos from FILMography on Tumblr

    From our friends at 

    The Empire State Building, the steps of the New York Public Library and Central Park have been home to some of the most memorable movie scenes in history.

    If you ever visit these places chances are there one or two people trying to recreate their favorite scenes—like Tom Cruise frantically running through the streets in Vanilla Sky or Natalie Portman emerging from the subway.

    One such person is Christopher Moloney. The CNN writer has been traveling around the world with his camera and cheap black and white printer, trying to relive moments from his favorite films for his Tumblr FILMography.

    Check it out. »

  7. the sights

    See the world like you would actually see it

    Travel blogs are designed to make you feel bad about yourself. Check it out, pretty people in pretty places eating pretty things! Live through their pictures; revel in their travel acumen; pretend their DSLR is the projection of your potential, your eyes on the road, so far from your desk and that burrito you just ordered for breakfast on GrubHub.

    Worse, when you actually do have occasion to travel, you find yourself trying to live up to the standard set by these bloggers. If you didn’t do eight of the twelve greatest attractions at your destination, you aren’t shit — not a single piece. Your lobster didn’t come in a martini glass garnished with unicorn hair? Go home, failure. You suck at traveling.

    Thankfully, so does this guy! Introducing my favorite new Tumblr, Sights of the World. Here is a travel blogger more my speed. Here he is in China:

    travel further. >>

  8. Ugly Renaissance Babies: A Novelty Blog With Surprising Staying Power

    The blog Ugly Renaissance Babies is like the Hairpin’s “Stuff in Art” series had a baby. Obviously. Clearly. How would it not be exactly like that, you fool, you cretin, how did you not anticipate this?

    Best post:

    Their caption: “Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck, cloud babies, you gotta help me hide these bodies!”

    Via: Best Roof Talk Ever

  9. Flotsam and Jetsam are lesbians

    Dirty Disney Confessions: The PostSecret of Wanting to Fuck Every Disney Character

    This blog knows what it is, and does it very well. Someone confesses a filthy fantasy about a Disney character. Dirty Disney Confessions posts the confession onto a screenshot of that character. Repeat until Mufasa is just covered in cum.

    See ten of the best submissions. »

  10. Sad Etsy baby

    Sad Babies in Headbands

    Back at Urlesque, my friend Cole Stryker discovered Sad Etsy Boyfriends: The phenomenon of boys who looked less than thrilled to be modeling Etsy goods. Someone turned it into a single-topic Tumblr. And the heir to that phenom is Sad Babies in Headbands, a blog that started just last afternoon.

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