1. slacktory t-shirts - delete your blog and elaborate ruse

    Buy “Elaborate Ruse” and “Delete Your Blog” Shirts from Slacktory

    New! We’re selling two t-shirts inspired by Slacktory’s most popular posts, both just fifteen bucks.

    Admiral Akbar warns of an “Elaborate Ruse” in the Frogman’s “Famous Movie Quotes as Spoken by a Proper Englishman.” And now so can you, with the Elaborate Ruse shirt.

    See the shirt. »

  2. Memeorial Day on Slacktory’s Tumblr

    It’s a holiday! We ain’t posting here. Deputy editor Henry Birdseye is putting up classic memes and videos on our Tumblr all day. Go read that! And follow the Tumblr! It’s always got stuff we don’t post here.

  3. Beth Hoyt on My Damn Channel LIVE

    My Damn Channel LIVE Starts at 4 Eastern!

    Hey did you know we’re part of a blog/video network called My Damn Channel? Well, we’re part of a blog/video network called My Damn Channel!

    And today they’re launching a daily (holy shit) live show at this YouTube channel click it click the link. (Or watch it below.) There’s a chat starting at 3:30 before the show goes live at 4.

    Here’s Beth Hoyt to introduce the show!

    Click this ‘read more’ link click it come on click it unff I have the energy of a million suns »

  4. slcktry-tumblr-parody

    Why Not Follow Our Fine Slacktory Tumblr and Other Slacktory Accessories?

    If you’re enjoying Slacktory, remember to follow our Tumblr so you can keep tabs on the best stories — and see some stuff we don’t publish on the main site.

    And of course you can subscribe to the main Slacktory RSS feed or follow our Facebook or Twitter.

  5. Slacktory-hello

    Welcome to Slacktory. Never Ever Leave Us.

    Hi! Wow! Hello! We just launched this blog! We’re pretty excited about that!

    This is Slacktory, and it’s about the pop culture of the internet. It’s published by My Damn Channel. It’s edited by me, Nick Douglas. We have an About page.

    What’s gonna show up here? Parodies, videos, the sarcastic sorts of charts where you go “Oh you!” and the chart goes “Better re-read me, you might have missed a joke!” In fact we have one of those charts up already: The United States of Netflix.

    We have one famous columnist. It’s Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. He’s not real, but I like him anyway.

    Sometimes, we post something that doesn’t really have anything to do with anything. We’ll probably grow out of it, but until then, maybe read Tom Waits ordering a meal at Jack in the Box, or try Mark Baumer, a writer we assign stories to just to see what he writes instead.

    Those “Slacktacular Links” on the right are like normal blog posts, just with much less going on. So look for new ones often.

    And of course follow us on Twitter and Tumblr and friend us on Facebook and subscribe to our RSS and keep reloading and we’ll be together forever and ever and ever.

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