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  1. Fake Feminist Phil

    Feminism is really hard for dudes. Between second-wave and third-wave and post-feminism and men’s rights subreddits, we’re not sure when we’re being helpful and when we’re getting it wrong. Not Quite Feminist Phil is the sexist pseudo-feminist we’re afraid of becoming.

    I’d like to dedicate Fake Feminist Phil to LOLGOP and everyone else who mocked the GOP fake-feminist ticket.

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  2. Good 10 Guy Greg banner

    Good 10 Guy Greg: He’s a hero, but he’s high as shit

    Good Guy Greg always has your back. 10 Guy is too high to function. Combined, they really aren’t as helpful as they want to be.

    Redditor Medikated resurrected this photoshop combo two days agoIt had a moment a few months ago, but it deserves more attention. Below are my own Good 10 Guy Gregs. Submit one to /r/adviceanimals, or make your own at Quickmeme!

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  3. Reverse Racism Randy header

    Reverse Racism Randy: A Slacktory Advice Meme

    Reverse Racism Randy’s schtick is pretty obvious. He wants to feel oppressed, despite playing life on Easy Mode.

    (Randy is based on a picture of Senator Jon Tester, who actually seems really decent. This meme is a response to his face alone, not his politics.)

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  4. Browett Makes It Better advice meme banner

    Browett Makes It Better: The Apple Retail Guy Advice Meme

    The head of Apple Retail, John Browett, recently decided it would be a good idea to cut back on staffing in the stores. While Apple backpedals, you can have fun applying Browett’s thinking to everything else in the world, with our Browett Makes It Better advice meme!

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  5. Anderson Cooper watches Glee

    Straight Sexual Fantasy Anderson Cooper Wants Your Body (Really)

    Anderson Cooper coming out of the closet ruined a lot of fantasies and left a lot of women distraught. But here’s how you can incorporate AC’s news into your thoughts to have the ultimate fantasy!

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  6. Keanu, OK Guy and High Expectations Asian Father say follow this blog

    29 Advice Meme Versions of “Follow This Blog, You’ll Love It on Your Dashboard”

    “FOLLOW THIS BLOG. You’ll love it on your dashboard.”

    If you use Tumblr long enough, you come to hate this on your dashboard. It’s the tagline of the 1000notes network, the mouth sore that follows massively reblogged posts around Tumblr.

    But from now on, you can imagine it being said by one of your favorite memes, and then maybe seeing it won’t make you want to shoot your dashboard quite as much.

    READ THIS POST. You’ll love it on your surfboard I don’t even know what joke I’m trying to make but read this post. »

  7. Motivational Mayan Calendar advice meme

    18 Maxims From the Motivational Mayan Calendar, A Last-Days Advice Meme

    Motivational Mayan Calendar feels bad about his role in the end of life as we know it, so he’s making it up to us by giving us words of wisdom to help us accept our fate and maybe even survive, if not thrive, on post-apocalyptic earth.

    Take his advice and stop sweating the small stuff so we can enjoy our last year as earth’s dominant species. Listen and be prepared for what comes next, just in case you live to see it.

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  8. freelancer fred banner
  9. Philosotoddler

    New Advice Meme: Philosotoddler

    Philosotoddler is a new Reddit/Quickmeme advice meme combining Philosoraptor with the current fad of toddler/baby memes. We made some.

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  10. Demon Santa: A Post-Christmas Advice Meme

    I didn’t want to ruin Christmas for you, so I saved this until a time when it’s okay to imagine Santa as a hellspawn.

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