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    As other news outlets struggled to verify and report breaking developments in the Boston Marathon bombings, one paper managed to cut through the clutter and report the facts before they were even facts. With shoe-leather and sensationalism, the New York Post scooped its competitors and breathlessly reported that 12 had been killed by the blasts, that two unexploded devices had been found, and that a suspect — a Saudi national — had been identified and taken into custody.

    Unfortunately, none of these facts happened to be true. The death toll was three, not 12. There were zero unexploded devices, not two. And the “suspect” — a 20-year-old spectator who had been injured by the bombing — was in actuality a “person of interest” who cooperated with investigators and was quickly cleared of any guilt.

    But the Post doubled down on their strategy. »

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    Okc_ebooks creator Sam Kriss made a fake female profile on the dating site OkCupid, through which he responds to unsolicited messages from men with quotes from @horse_ebooks, the surreal Twitter bot that streams nonsensical snippets of text. The result: dozens of conversations from horny men desperately vying to have sex with a robot.


    That men on dating websites are desperate enough to forge conversations with aleatory internet patter is not in itself surprising. For women who receive an abundance of unsolicited messages from men, it is effortless to reject a would-be suitor. There is no need to give an “I have a boyfriend” or even a “no.” Thus, to some men, any response at all from a woman is encouragement enough to try to keep the conversation going, even if that response is “Almost immediately Together Turned immediately Immediately Immediately Immediately Immediately Immediately Immediately Immediately.”

    What’s surprising is how perfectly Okc_ebooks illustrates how pickup artists degrade communication. »

  3. horse_ebooks avatar cartoon

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    Has @Horse_ebooks become self-aware? And has it started self-promoting?

    Some background: It is thought that @Horse_ebooks, the funny Twitter robot that chops and screws snippets of text from ebooks and marketing pitches, then regurgitates them into surreal found poetry on Twitter, is entirely automated, and that its aleatory tweets are the happy by-product of a misguided and nonsensical attempt to market ebooks.

    horse_ebooks recent tweets

    But there are signs of human intervention, signs that become more complicated now that @horse_ebooks is aware of its fanbase. »

  4. IDF Twitter Black Friday

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    Always conscious of public opinion, during the recent war in Gaza, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) simultaneously waged a PR offensive across multiple social networks. On Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, the IDF has posted sharable photos and slick infographics aimed at justifying their military action. One member of the IDF’s Spokesperson’s Unit has even shared a meme extolling the power of Israel’s vaunted Iron Dome missile defense system.

    The IDF’s official Twitter account @IDFSpokesperson has been especially deft at navigating social media. The size of its online influence dwarfs that of Hamas, whose military wing has similarly used Twitter to posture online. In addition to livetweeting Operation Pillar of Cloud from start to finish, @IDFSpokesperson has deployed hashtags, trending topics, favorites, and other site-specific features to make its case. In one instance, the account piggybacked off the hashtag for the new Call of Duty game, trying to garner support from the teens who are a vital ally to the state of Israel:

    In another instance, @IDFSpokesperson reached out to James Bond himself, using the #Skyfall hashtag to pitch a listicle about their military gadgets:

    But the IDF has gotten very weird on Twitter. »

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