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Stephanie Georgopulos is a contributing editor at Thought Catalog. She’s been featured on Gizmodo, The Awl, The Next Web, and more. She’s really into the internet, nostalgia, and low-fi pop culture. Stephanie answers emails quickly and is housebroken. Follow her on Twitter @omgstephlol.

  1. You've Got Mail poster

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    Every generation has their love story. The G.I. Generation had Casablanca. The Silent Generation had An Affair to Remember. And Gen-Y? We have You’ve Got Mail.

    Of course, the appeal of You’ve Got Mail isn’t exclusive to Gen-Y. In fact, though the stars are Baby Boomers, it’s Gen-X-ers who would’ve had the distinct pleasure to come of age in a world where You’ve Got Mail was possible. The year of its release, I was twelve and more likely to spend my time online playing Slingo than curating a passionate cyber-relationship. Part of my fascination with You’ve Got Mail stems from my generation’s inability to experience a similar scenario firsthand. The other part: That despite massive changes in how we regard the ‘online persona’, I still relate to the films’ resolution.

    This was the first film to treat the internet like a normal thing for normal people. »

  2. aim buddy logos

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    How to create an AIM persona as a teenager in 2003 that you will be stuck with well into adulthood.

    I. Choosing a screen name

    Choosing a screen name is essentially deciding who you want to be for the next decade, six months, or twenty minutes (just long enough to anonymously fuck with your ex’s ex).

    Your personality lies within the core of your screen name. A basketball player? BBaLLeR. A dancer? DaNCe. A club kid? XtaScY. Why are we typing LiKe tHiS? Because we’re l33t and not n00bs.

    If you’re not a fan of the uppercase, lowercase method, you’re probably over 13 and should choose two “deep” words and combine them to create your ideal screen name. For example, ‘existentialmodernism’ or ‘espressodefacto.’ If you choose this model, don’t even think of capitalizing. And if you were considering an ALL CAPS screen name, it’s likely you’re someone’s dad. Step aside and let your kid create their own embarrassing internet presence.

    Next: Xs aren’t just for straightedgers. »

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