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    It’s a favorite internet tradition to take the annual Coachella lineup poster and fake the hell out of it. We’re glad to carry on that noble ritual.


    Click the poster for a bigger image.


  2. Hobbit-fashion

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    The Hobbit has broken box office records and, as with every hit movie, those in the know have already begun reflecting the trends from the big screen in the way they dress.


    Photo by/CC Flavio on Flickr

    Rings have always been a fun accessory, but with the advent of Hobbit Fashion, they’re a must have for any outfit. Gold rings, platinum rings, plastic rings, rings made of string, rings that make you invisible and turn you evil, are all good options. Essentially, just put as many rings on your fingers as possible. Put so many rings on that you can’t bend your fingers. You won’t be able to open doors or point at things, but fashion wasn’t made for utility. For an extra touch of class carry around a phone that’s ringing, and never answer. Who’s calling? Fashion.

    See more hobbit fashion trends. ยป

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