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  1. Bond women

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    STATUS: Unclassified
    By: Miss Moneypenny

    This dossier contains snippets from the private ledgers, which you can find in full copy in the archive, of Agent 007’s extracurricular companions, all of whom the compiler has, after everything, grown to feel quite fond of and not at all jealous. Not at all.

    Honey Ryder’s Diary, Entry #467:

    Yesterday I only found two seashells. I would have been able to find more, but a creepy guy in baby blue resort wear, watching me from behind a palm tree, tried to have a duet with me, and he totally didn’t even listen when I told him to keep his distance! I said, “Stay where you are,” but he didn’t stay where he was. He said stuff like that he was strictly honorable, but he also was very interested to know if I was alone on the secluded beach or not >:(

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