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Co-creator and editor of the Six-Word Memoir series. Community manager at Bookish. Former public programming director at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe. Angry lefty. Fire-escape farmer. Inventor of Judgmental Bookseller Ostrich. Twitter: @rachelfersh.

  1. Pantone chips of grey

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  2. Redditor's Wife - Come the fuck to sleep

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    At last night’s live 4chan variety show, editor Nick Douglas’s girlfriend Rachel Fershleiser read a poem she’d written, an internet version of Go the Fuck to Sleep. Some of these links are super-NSFW, with sound.

    You’ve seen every advice dog on Tumblr
    And Portal has beeped its last beep.
    The redditors logged off, the 4channers silenced,
    Now please for fuck’s sake come to sleep.

    You’ve checked Xtube and YouPorn and Bangbus.
    There’s nothing left to which to fap.
    The Suicide Girls start to all look the same.
    Let’s at least take a short fucking nap?

    I don’t care if that slut’s a cum dumpster… »

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