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Paul Boutin is a freelance technology writer in Los Angeles, because helping actresses figure out their iPhones is a pretty good gig.

  1. ipad-underwater marked

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    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Apple added a third Taiwanese touchscreen supplier in April. (We broke that huge story, and those douchebags at Gizmodo ripped us off without linking back!) Anyhoo, reader johngalt94 tipped us off to a major difference between the new Innolux screens and the older ones made by LG and Samsung. While they look and feel the same under normal conditions, the Innolux screens are clearly different when viewed underwater.

    Read about our test. »

  2. writer's block

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    In the wake of the events of this week, a growing controversy on which my editor wants 300 words by 4 PM has polarized many in this tightly-knit community now struggling with the pressures  of modern life. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock — a phrase I got from the bloggers which reliably fills half a line in the first paragraph – you already saw the whole thing on HuffPo last night. But a deadline’s a deadline.

    To be sure, I’m going nowhere with this. »

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