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Slacktory's founding editor, the former editor of Gawker Media's Valleywag and AOL's Urlesque. He is the editor of the 2009 book "Twitter Wit," and has contributed to Wired, Slate, PC Mag,, Gawker and BlackBook. He lives in New York with his girlfriend, who understands what a ragetoon is.

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    Tough Love episode 3 is out! Steven gets stressed out by his meditation teacher, and Blaire wonders if she’s gay.

    This was the first episode we shot, and it was fun. On day 1 of shooting, Emily Fletcher kindly let us use her meditation studio and played a high-strung, evil version of herself.

    Tough Love, a comedy series about two roommates afraid of New York City and of their own sex lives, has been compared to “Broad City” by The Daily Dot.

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    Everyone who’s not the Powerball $425M jackpot winner, PLEASE DON’T WATCH THIS CONFIDENTIAL VIDEO.

  3. Tough Love - The Party - banner

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    A sitcom about two roommates from New York’s third-coolest borough. In episode 2, Steven and Blaire go to one of those parties that just makes you feel worse about yourself.

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  4. Tough Love - The Invitation - banner

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    A sitcom about two roommates in New York’s third-coolest borough. In episode 1, Steven and Blaire get overwhelmed by Netflix queues and Groupons.

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  5. Flappy Bird logo

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    Nick and Siri: Her


    Nick falls in love with his digital assistant, but she’s already a million times smarter than him.

    Music: “Winter Sunshine” by/CC Evgeny Grinko

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    Siri tries to help Nick not be a terrible son.

  9. Siri DMs Dungeons and Dragons

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    Nick makes some friends in the world of Dungeons and Dragons.

    Previously: Siri is a terrible dungeon master.

  10. wife looks at ugly husband

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    It can be great to wake up from surgery forgetting who you’re married to—if you’re impressed by them. But sometimes it doesn’t work out that way.

    Starring Meghan O’Neill.

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