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Slacktory's founding editor, the former editor of Gawker Media's Valleywag and AOL's Urlesque. He is the editor of the 2009 book "Twitter Wit," and has contributed to Wired, Slate, PC Mag,, Gawker and BlackBook. He lives in New York with his girlfriend, who understands what a ragetoon is.

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    A response to people who demonize Facebook and Twitter addiction.

    Original Zen Pencils comic

  2. Nick and Siri sexts slacktory

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    Siri wants to wipe her memory after Nick’s latest selfie.

    Written by Alex Schmidt.

  3. iPhone taped to a chair

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    Siri is a surprisingly cruel dungeon master.

    Music: “Ireland’s Coast” by Matthew Pablo, used with permission

  4. Nick Douglas smokes on Nailed It

    966 views, 6 comments

    Welcome back to Nailed It, the how-to show that’s still trying! Today we’re going to help you quit smoking.

    Written by and starring: Nick Douglas
    Directed, produced, and edited by: Tom Leveritt
    Drug dealer: Jason Oberholtzer

  5. Goldman Sachs Kickstarter project

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    If Macklemore thinks $50 for a t-shirt is a ripoff, wait til he sees Goldman Sachs’s reward tiers.

  6. Jimmy Kimmel Live

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    1. House Republicans embrace entire Democratic platform after prankster tells them Obama wants the opposite
    2. Parents tell their children God is dead, toddler goes viral after walking herself through foundations of existentialism
    3. Kimmel spends an entire commercial-free episode detailing criminal charges he’s filed against Jay Leno; Jay takes it affably
    4. Louis C.K. rants: “My life is amazing and I have to act unhappy”
    5. The Roots show up, play three Gregory Brothers hits before someone escorts them to the right set
    6. New segment: “Fuck It, We’re Doing the Top Ten But Better”
    7. Announcer Dicky Barrett replaced by “Fucking Shit” news anchor
    8. “I’m Fucking Tsarnaev”
    9. This Week in Necessary Censorship, Because We Don’t Condone These Words, They’re Homophobic and Racist
    10. The Beatles!
  7. Nick Douglas the TV fan

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    The TV Fan


    Oh, I don’t have a TV. But I do have Netflix, Hulu, and actually I do have three TVs.

  8. Nick does his taxes with Tom

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  9. Tom Leveritt defends British TV

    332 views, 3 comments

    There’s a British actor in pretty much every decent American TV show.

    Made by Nick Douglas and Tom Leveritt.

  10. Star Trek Into Taxes

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