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Nate Smith and Joe Aimonetti run Dirty Rotten Apples. Nate is a former Apple employee, an avid comedy writer and blogger, and a working comedian based in Portland, Ore. Joe is a former Apple employee and current contract writer for CNET (iPhone Atlas, iPad Atlas, Crave) and freelance creative focusing on storytelling through visual mediums, also based in Portland, Ore.

  1. OKCupid pretty Mac girl

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    Last week it was discovered that Orbitz was showing pricier search results to Mac users than PC users. We did a little more digging and discovered that Orbitz wasn’t the only website giving Mac and PC users different results.

    Groupon on Explorer:

    Groupon on Safari:

    Amazon on Explorer:

    Amazon on Safari:

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    Recently, note-taking and syncing app Evernote bought sketchbook app Penultimate, leading us to wonder what the new collaboration would be great for. The answer, Emonote.

  3. leap-second-banner

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    Tomorrow night, all clocks set to official time will get one extra second, to synchronize atomic time with solar time. It’s crazy! What are we gonna do with all this time? I HAVE SOME IDEAS.

    See seven more ideas for using up your second. »

  4. Steve Jobs turtleneck with stains

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