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    Bad Wigs: Sweeties


    Comedians Meghan O’Neill and Samantha Martin play two frenemy roommates planning a party.

    “I can take care of the booze!” “Oh, I know you can take care of the booze. After all, I take out the recycling.”

    Written by and starring Meghan O’Neill and Samantha Martin

    Camera: Nate Bennett

    Editor: Nick Douglas

    Music: “Sad Love Song From Someone Else” by Littlefoot (CC 2013)

    See also: Bad Wigs: Gentrification

  2. Bad Wigs banner

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    Bad Wigs


    Meghan O’Neill and Samantha Martin play two women who thought Angela’s Ashes was a children’s book.

  3. Cormac McCarthy

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    Stephen King and Neil Gaiman show up to a book club in Meghan O’Neill’s newest “PICTURES” sketch.

  4. Anthropologie Girls Pictures

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    Anthropologie Girls


    Models from the Anthropologie catalog share secrets in the newest episode of “Pictures: The Webseries.”

  5. IKEA catalog staff

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    After the horse meat scandal, IKEA comes clean about other sad truths.

    See Meghan’s show, JCrew Crew.

  6. Etsy mannequins

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  7. SkyMall friends

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    SkyMall Friends


    What if the people in the SkyMall catalog hung out?

    See more catalog videos by Meghan O’Neill.

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