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  1. lindsaylohan

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    It’s not easy being a Lindsey. In fifth grade I tried to change the spelling of my name to “Linzy” without anyone noticing, but a teacher soon asked me to “stop handing in homework with the wrong name on it.” In college, a Fresh Direct deliveryman suggested we elope, as his last name was Lindsey and if we wed, I’d be “Lindsey Lindsey.” Don’t think I didn’t heavily consider this option.

    Whenever a Lindsa/ey meets another Lindsa/ey, the first question is: “How do you spell your name?” (If the answer is ANYTHING but “Lindsey” or “Lindsay”, get out of town. I pretty much hate you.) The answer can divide them. In the past, “a” was highly superior to “e”. Maybe because “a” was more popular and more commonly a girl’s name. Now, I’ll argue (with a bias), that us Lindseys are taking over. Why? Have you heard of Lindsay Lohan?

    Have you? And what about other Lindsa/eys?

  2. GrandCanyon

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    Internet got you bummed? It’s OK because The Grand Canyon definitely exists. Don’t you forget it.

    All better.

  3. name

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    Researching a future post, I stumbled across BabyNamer: one of the many, many sites that lets future parents research baby names. Not only does it give you some origin information and similar choices, but bravely warns you what other kids might cruelly call your kid. In an aptly named section called “Drawbacks”.

    As you can see, the drawbacks to being named Lindsey are as follows: Lint. There is a possibly that I will, at some point, be called “Lint.”

    Other popular names?

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  4. chet-on-reddit

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    This morning I woke up to a flutter of emails. As a self-identified Tom Hanks fan, Stan and aficionado, my friends and web colleagues know to IMMEDIATELY send me anything Hanks is involved in. Therefore, when Hanks’ youngest, an adorable 16 year old high school student named Truman, decided to do a Reddit AMA this AM, I was notified. As I scrolled through, it was pretty innocuous–everything confirming the perfect specimen that Tom Hanks truly is. At least until I got to this part:

    Oh, Chet.

  5. ClaireCry

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    Finally, something valuable is being done on Pinterest. Bridal collections be damned, Pinner Jessica Hulett, is embarking on an important journey. Hulett’s “Claire Danes Cry Face Project” is a small, yet promising, Pinboard collection of actress Claire Danes’ best “Cry Faces.”  Longtime Danes fans (or just those of us who owned Little Women on VHS) are quite familiar with the World Famous Claire Danes Cry Face: scrunched up, quivering chin, eyes from which tears flow effortlessly, a forehead that crumples without a moments notice. You have to experience it to really understand it.

    Don’t cry, there’s more after the jump.

  6. Paley

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    Cartoonist-turned-free-culture-activist, Nina Paley, got a lot of attention when her animated film Sita Sings The Blues (2008′s best animated film and perhaps even the best of the 21st century, in my humble opinion) failed to clear the rights to very crucial music and was released for free download under Creative Commons.

    It’s a wonderful example of art-turned-activism, and Paley’s newest, a project she’s calling Seder-Masochism, might end up falling into the same circumstance. Paley just released “the last scene” of the “potential-possible-maybe feature film” and it’s perfectly Paley: funny, bloody and flawlessly scored.

    Sorry, you have to click to see the video.


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    Modern day advice columnists beware, there’s a new Dear Abby in town. Well, more like @DearAbby and she’s more like “virtually in town” and there’s like 500 of her–all chomping at the virtual bit to dissect your text messages. Same idea, though!

    Text messages: officially the world’s worst form of communication (Morse Code was more direct!) that have taken over our day-to-day interactions. Even Twitter can afford you more privacy, so arguably, texts have become the phone call’s cooler, more sexy younger sister. This isn’t a good thing.

    Now, a new website that goes by the name HeTexted (Wait, don’t women also send confusing text messages, or are we just more “likely” to read into them?) has popped up, crowdsourcing the vaguest of communications into three distilled answers: “He’s Into You”, “He’s Not Into You”, and “The Verdict Is Still Out”.

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    One, two, threefourfive

    There’s a new Twitter I’m obsessed with

    And it’s called @LouBegaFacts

    …I must stay deep ’cause talk is a cheap:

    A little bit of Rita is all I need…

  9. titanicfloatingdoor

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    This has not been a good year for Titanic fans, let me tell you. Earlier this year we were collectively jacked out of almost $60 million when Titanic was re-released in zombie 3-D. Fans from across the globe went to see their favorite love story with some added depth perception slapped on in post-production. The result? Viewers were WOW’d for about 30 minutes, or until they realized just how many times they’d have to visit the bathroom to survive the 194 minute film.

    Then! The extended DVD release of said-film came with a bonus scene that revealed the original casting for Jack: none other than Clueless heartthrob Jeremy Sisto. That’s right, the same Jeremy Sisto who had to run to the quad to “grab his Cranberries CD before somebody snags it.” A Jeremy Sisto who (without nostalgic bias) does a pretty good job looking like and acting like a Jack Dawson.

    Could Jack & Rose have actually survived the Titanic?

  10. paidinpuke

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    I’m not a huge fan of the “funny puke”. I think the word “puke” is pretty funny, along with the synonyms for puke, including “vomit”, “spew”, “ralph” (WHO IS RALPH?), “hurl”, and by far the funniest iteration: “barf”. But the humor of vomit is in name only. There is no puke humor I can think of in the past ten or so years that was actually amusing. And when someone pukes on screen, I find it so utterly repulsive that no form of falling in said puke, swimming in said puke or even(!) eating said puke could shock value me into a laugh.

    Is this a puking trend piece? Maybe.

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