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  1. Blog War map

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    This is a tale of war. We recommend you play the Braveheart theme in the background. — Ed.

    What really happened on that fateful day? It all started with an A.V. Club staff editorial. The subject was whether comic book movies had “jumped the shark,” and much like the metaphorical saltwater beasts in question, those who gathered to read this document were eccentric yet civil when unprovoked. A spirited discussion sprang up to determine which comic book adaptation was the worst of all time. Had those involved known what the answer would cost, however, the speculation might have ended then and there.

    Gardenhoes, a well-regarded member of the community, addressed the growing crowd, pleading a case for The Green Lantern. Meanwhile, Superman IV, a “truly horrendous piece of garbage”, was also gaining traction, owing to the consensus-building efforts of King Tardis Touch. Such sporty back-and-forth was common among the people of A.V. Club, and all parties were reportedly of good cheer. Eventually the Green Lantern splinter group was silenced, and it seemed as though an agreement had been reached. Unfortunately, nothing was what it seemed that day, for at that very moment, the group was greeted by an unexpected visitor.

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