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Jeff is the guy behind He's also a humor writer based in Los Angeles, pro blogger, marathon sitter and UCB alumner. When not online, he can be found eating a sandwich or practicing his ribbon dancing routine.

  1. Internet Ike banner

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    Jeff Wysaski runs Pleated-Jeans.

    There are two reactions to advice memes: “What a funny joke!” and “Oh my god I do that.” The more these provoke Reaction #2, the sorrier I feel for you.

    See all 11. »

  2. Rich People Problems banner

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    You poor thing. First World Problems tell you how petty your complaints are, and Third World Successes tell you how bad some people have it.

    Rich People Problems are here to remind you not to buck up, because somewhere, someone’s problems are wayyy less serious than yours.

    Except for the hooker one. That sounds like some legit trouble there. »

  3. Misleading top image

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    Like it or not, websites rely on advertising revenue to operate. So web publishers are always looking for creative ways to increase web traffic. However, much like such risqué topics as Scientology and anal butt sex, the topic of increasing pageviews is rarely discussed out in the open…until now! Below are 11 sneaky, rotten and downright underhanded ways in which websites get you to read an article.


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