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Jason is a former contributor to Urlesque, where he got paid to make fun of things and make rudimentary, yet mildly amusing, video montages using technology from 1992. Find him @jasonrnewman.

  1. rappers love Jewish lawyers hed

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    I don’t even want to hear about their Muslim accountants.

  2. Nas - Hook is phonics

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    Rappers really like you to know all about them. They especially want you to remember their name, so they always spell it out. Get a pen and paper handy.

    W. A. T. C. H. T. H. I. S. haha we spelled it out with letters »

  3. Kanye West and Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Nietzsche is every musician’s favorite philosopher. His famous line, “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger,” shows up in rap, R&B, rock, pop, and loads of heavy metal.

    (Although Justin Bieber is pushing it with his new single, “God Is Dead!”)

    Listen to 33 bands singing the same line. »

  4. Netflix preview

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    Aw hell, Reddit’s down again! And Twitter! And Tumblr, and aw man, the entire internet has gone 404 ha ha ok that’s the joke-explaining intro now let’s look at the pictures.

    Designs by Dustin Glick.

    See all 11 error messages. »

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