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Hi I was born a homosexual. Now I'm fixed. I started writing when I was 24. I have a dog named Cody. And a cat named Catty. I have other cats but they aren't important.

  1. bad advice header

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    Following our hit series Unspirationals (beautiful photos with depressing text), and inspired by this beautiful Hitler joke, we present commonly quoted life advice, matched with the bad, worse, and horrible people who embodied it.

    Meet your inspirational nightmare. »

  2. screaming kid

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    Do you have any idea how easy it is to find teenagers hilariously/upsettingly saying they hate their mothers? These 30 kids and teens bitched out their moms publicly on Facebook.




    See 26 more teenagers raging at the woman who sacrificed her carefree childless life for them. »

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    Jesus, the “that moment when” animated GIF fad is really getting out of hand. They used to be all fun and cute, like the stories about crushes and BFFs on That’s So True or Totally-Relatable. But the kids are getting way darker! Look at this GIF story:

    And that’s the least depressing one.

    Look at these inappropriately tragic GIF stories! »

  4. Texas Chainsaw Massacre - American Apparel banner

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    Inspired by this Reddit post, I found other movies and TV shows that could have cashed in with perfect ads. Maybe they can use these in the next DVD release.

    Game of Thrones


    The Hunger Games

    See 14 more beautiful product placement opportunities, including Precious, Avatar, and Shame. »

  5. Einstein banner

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  6. Nazi Germany

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    Life is hard, and it’s been hard for nearly everyone. Except for a few people you don’t like.

    Why do people use brilliant photos to hide reality with hopeful sayings? We’ve replaced those lies with truths before, now we’re doing it again.

    Come get your mind blown. »

  7. when life gets tough

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    Reality is harsh, and schmaltzy Tumblr pictures try to hide reality from you. It is time to counteract that.

    I took the prettiest pictures I could find, and stamped them with hard truths.

    Get your tissues. »

  8. boy holding french fries top

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    It’s ridiculous that this isn’t already a meme, right? Everyone looks a little stupid in mirror self-portraits, but everyone has posted a couple anyway.

    So please feel free to steal this idea and use it on your friends’ Facebook pictures. In fact, let us know if you do.

    Things that look better in self-portraits than phones do:

    See all 20. »

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