Dirty Rotten Apples

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  1. stupid iOS map

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    With this week’s release of Apple’s new iOS 6 Apple removed Google Maps from the iPhone and introduced their own Maps app. The new Maps app lacks public transit directions and has a lot of other flaws that have left tech pundits wondering why Apple would take away such a strong app and replace it with such a… piece of crap. But did you know Apple made major changes to five more of their standard apps?

    See how they’ve screwed up the other default apps. »

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    Apple released iOS 6 yesterday with over 200 new features for iPhone users. Despite what appears to be yet another win for the men and women in Cupertino, one casualty was spotted in the rollout: Declined Daniel, the young man getting dissed by every curious customer checking out Apple’s iOS website.

  3. Browett Makes It Better advice meme banner

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    The head of Apple Retail, John Browett, recently decided it would be a good idea to cut back on staffing in the stores. While Apple backpedals, you can have fun applying Browett’s thinking to everything else in the world, with our Browett Makes It Better advice meme!

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    As the legal battle between Apple and Samsung rages on in court, new details of a patent issued to Steve Jobs and Apple have surfaced, leading many to wonder if the patent system should have a serious conversation about how it issues protection to innovators.

    That conversation, as it turns out, may be covered in the unearthed patent.

    Our crack team of patent specialists have found a patent issued to Steve Jobs that actually patents the patent issuing process. The patent was applied for by Jobs on his death bed and was awarded to Apple last week.

    See how the patent on patent-issuing works. »

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