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Debbie Saslaw is a full-fledged internet weirdo. Her videos for Urlesque & Slacktory have garnered more than 1 million hits after appearing on sites such as Buzzfeed, HuffPost Comedy, Uproxx,, and The Daily What. Like most other bespeckled filmmakers, Debbie lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

  1. Arrested Development fake websites - I'm Oscar dot com

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    You won’t find these online. Go ahead, do a Something search.

  2. Malory Archer and Lucille Bluth mashup

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    A public service to Arrested Development fans who haven’t tried Archer. And vice versa.

    Previously: Arrested Godfather

  3. Doctor Who sonic screwdriver

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  4. Law & Order fake websites supercut

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    The real crime is this CSS!

    A followup to TV’s fakest websites.

  5. Jenna Maroney on fake 30 Rock website

    2444 views, 6 comments

    To hear about our videos of fake websites on Law & Order and Dr. Who, subscribe on YouTube.

    See the list of shows and sites featured above. »

  6. It's-a-no-brainer

    417 views, 1 comment

    It’s a no-brainer


    You never hear this in real life, right?

  7. I-can-explain-supercut---Justin-Long

    936 views, 4 comments

    Get Clarissa in here, she can explain this! She can explain it all.

    See a list of featured films. »

  8. no time to explain - Nelson on The Simpsons

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  9. Law&Order

    8722 views, 7 comments

    Every aspiring actor at some point in their ill-fated career shows up on Law & Order. Then again, so do most superstars. Often (spoiler alert!) you can tell exactly whodunnit by asking, “Who in this episode is otherwise famous?”

    That beings said, here are the best ultra-famous guest stars on America’s top cop-and-lawyer interchangeable-episode drama.

    Need a glossary of who is who?

  10. Kesha glowing about an 808 drum

    1523 views, 3 comments

    Why do pop stars and rappers constantly give shout-outs to the Roland TR-808 drum kit? Hip-hop artists first fell in love with it because it cost just under two thousand bucks. Contemporary artists love its distinct sound. Ke$ha relates to a tool that got way more popular than its superior-sounding competitors.

    Hear 36 songs that reference the 808. »

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