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    I one day wondered why all packages of Fun Dip candy say “Lik-M-Aid” on top of it, as if it’s just one of the many Lik-M-Aid brands of products. The true story is boring and sad, so I invented a more interesting one.

    1942 - Discussed formation of corporation, responsibilities of board members.

    1943 - Discussed introduction of Lik-M-Aid’s initial product line, to be called “Fun Dip”.

    1944 - Fun Dip has been a runaway success.

    1945 - Fun Dip continues to sell well. Discussion of adding new flavors to the portfolio tabled until next meeting.

    1946 - Fun Dip continues to sell well. Cherry and Orange flavors to be rolled out in Q3.

    1947 - Fun Dip continues to sell well.

    1948 - Fun Dip continues to sell well.

    1949 - Lik-M-Aid “Core Values Pyramid” debuts. Most values centered around Fun Dip, promotion thereof.

    1950 - “Keeping Fun Dip affordable, yet delicious” added to Core Values Pyramid.

    And here’s where things get tricky. »

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