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Chris' mother always told him he was funny and he tries way too hard to live up to that. His greatest fears are STIs and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Don't follow him on Twitter, he's lame.

  1. Insanity Walter header

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    Breaking Bad season five starts Sunday, so to catch everyone up, here’s a recap of last season’s major events, starring Insanity Walter, Awkward Gus, Marie Problems, and more.

    Season 4 spoilers, obvs.

    Read the story of Breaking Bad told in advice memes. »

  2. Insanity Betty

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    Catch up on Mad Men before the fifth season starts this Sunday. We recapped season 4 with advice memes. You know all this. It was in the headline. I’m sorry for wasting your time.

    Let’s see some Mad Men characters as advice memes! »

  3. Ron Swanson toolbox

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    For the uninitiated, The aim of memecapping is usually to get a quote the actor has said elsewhere that still applies to this show. Of course, since that won’t always happen, there’s also references to memes, lyrics and other forms of entertainment that share similar plot points.

    It’s an extremely shortened recap that just might add an extra layer of awesome to shows you already love. This way you don’t have to read a boring essay that sucks the hilarity out of your favorite shows like Parks and Recreation, Community or Castle.

    And Grimm, Happy Endings, The Office and more. »

  4. Warehouse13Shadowsbanner

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    Memecapping! It’s TV recap memes, made from screenshots of this week’s popular TV shows captioned with lines from other TV shows (and books and movies and memes)! This week we cover CastleFringeHappy EndingsModern FamilyPsychRescue MeUp All NightWarehouse 13 and Wilfred.

    This week’s Modern Family is overlaid with a quote from Dude, Where’s My Car, because the show’s two gay (slightly Nordic) dudes (unintentionally) stole a car. If you watched the rest of these episodes, these memecaps will summarize what happened for you without the rigamarole of actually having to read someone’s boring recap–but the rest of the references are for you to unfold.

    See all 9 memecaps. »

  5. The Office Garden Party

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    Memecapping! It’s TV recap memes, made from screenshots of this week’s popular TV shows captioned with lines from other TV shows! This week we cover Castle, Community, Fringe, Happy Endings, Louie, Modern Family, Parks and Recreation, Raising Hope, Saturday Night Live, The Office and Warehouse 13.

    There’s a reference to Freaks & Geeks in here, and a Star Trek: Voyager line, and you’ll have to guess the rest.

    See all 12 memecaps. »

  6. Community

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    The best way to explain Memecapping is “Hey! Remember this week’s episode of Parks and Recreation, Fringe, Community, Suits, Up All Night, Happy Endings, or Saturday Night Live? Good, now look at a screenshot from it with a relevant quote from a different show, film or internet meme!”

    Nostalgia time! »

  7. Doesn't happen on LinkedIn

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    In terms of variety alone, social media as it is probably already has all the places you might need. You’ve got Facebook and Twitter, maybe Google+, Myspace or Tumblr, which all offer something unique and personal for all of their users. Sure, Myspace has become a laughingstock among all of those other outlets, but it just might have greater name-brand recognition than LinkedIn. This is because LinkedIn is technically neither a social media platform nor the pinnacle of what social media could be.

    Let’s talk about why LinkedIn sucks. »

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