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    Hey y’all, it’s me, Troy Crossley. You may know me as the talented young rapper using his music to get the word out about the innocence of accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar (Jahar) Tsarnaev.

    But I’m not just an aspiring musician and entrepreneur (I am those things, though) – I’m also a champion of social justice, as well as an extremely gifted rapper, but also the social justice thing, too.

    Jahar is innocent, and I have proof. (

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    Ladies and gentlemen, I have stumbled upon the Rosetta Stone of subversive street art: Banksy’s notebook. These ideas and sketches may one day grace the walls of your local bank, or the book section of your local Urban Outfitters, but until then, here’s a sneak preview:

    • A soldier holds a rifle, but the rifle is actually a flower. The flower still shoots bullets, except the bullets are dollar signs. The soldier is Bart Simpson.
    • A little girl holds a balloon. The balloon is actually a policeman. A speech-bubble next to the policeman reads “You are under arrest… for thinking for yourself.”
    • A businessman wearing a gas mask watches television. What’s on TV? It’s the same businessman. That’s right, the TV is a mirror. There is a gas mask on top of the TV.

    See the rest of Banksy’s trenchant social commentary. »

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    It is safe to say that topical Twitter parody accounts are literally the funniest and most epic thing in the entire “cyber-verse.” Remember all those Big Bird jokes from a couple months back? Trite, unoriginal garbage, right? Okay, now hold on a second. What if the person telling those jokes—was pretending to be Big Bird? I’ll give you some time to process that.

    These days, it seems like every major news story has an accompanying topical parody account. Kate Middleton is pregnant? Parody account. Kanye West wears a skirt? Parody account. A natural disaster devastates the Eastern seaboard? Parody account.

    If 2012 was “The Year of the Meme” (a phrase I am working to trademark) then 2013 is shaping up to be “The Year of the Topical Parody Account” (again, working to trademark). Here are my predictions for the Twelve Funniest Topical Parody Accounts of 2013:

    January: A cat using a fire extinguisher goes viral. Parody accounts pop up for the cat, and for the fire extinguisher. »

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