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    Bart Simpson plays with makeup

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  2. Batman suit

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  3. Obama up late online

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    Buoyed by the success of yesterday’s visit to Reddit, President Obama decides to reach out to other communities on the internet.

    4chan: “Hi, I’m the President” becomes the latest meme, with thousands of users posting the phrase in the hours after Obama’s visit. Annoyed, Anonymous uses the EXIF data in Obama’s verification photo to track down his location to “somewhere on Pennsylvania Avenue”.

    Buzzfeed: Interview goes well until an editor steps in and begins ranking POTUS’ answers while he’s still giving them.

    Tumblr: The President writes a stunning 5,000 word takedown/indictment of the American political system, and pledges to legalize marijuana, allow gay marriage, and cease drone killings. He doesn’t include any cool gifs, however, so the post is ignored in favor of a photoshop of Obama as Gus Fring from Breaking Bad.

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  4. Maggie Jordan is helpless

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    Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom gets criticized for its unintelligent female characters. But you have to view it in context of Sorkin’s whole career. It gets much, much worse.

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  5. Breaking Bad Kickstarter header

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    This is your boy Jesse. I’ve got this sick project with my buddy Mr. White. It’s cool, it’s got no spoilers, yo.

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  6. Some actress I don't know

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    George Clooney is such a prankster that a celebrity gossip/YouTube carnival blog invented a noun for him. None of us at Slacktory are that clever, so I covered for it with a big-ass infographic with friendly, brightly-colored text.

    If any of these can’t be confirmed on Google, then I guess they’re a scoop. MUST CREDIT SLACKTORY, etc.

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