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  1. Matt Inman of The Oatmeal kinda sucks

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    DAE geek nerd coolsplosion awesomesauce?

    Computer Tesla cat go MEOW to fatties!

    — The Oatmeal

    Yesterday, Matthew Inman, who runs The Oatmeal, posted a comic saying why he hit certain keyboard keys (riveting material). In the last panel, the original line went “Every time the internet does not perform as expected, I rape the shit out of my F5 key.” The image went like this:

    He has since hidden the comic from any site navigation, but this link still works.

    Complaints started rolling in, and, angry that his every RANDOM!! thought wasn’t being worshipped, Inman replaced the last panel with this:

    Thanks to @mattlanger for the image.

    Here’s the thing — everyone fucks up at some point or another. Some, especially those who may have more privilege than others, just aren’t exposed to people who find certain terms and attitudes offensive. We all get that.

    But here’s how Matt Inman turned this into a shitstorm. »

  2. Windows 8 Mad Libs

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    Yo momma is the largest city in America. Batman and I don’t understand each other. Guess what I’m wearing shorts lol jk. These are a few of the texts Microsoft thinks you want to send to other human beings.

    WPWordFlow is a relatively new Twitter account that explores the predictive text feature on Windows Phone 8. According to the profile, “Every word except the first one is added sequentially using Windows Phone 8’s suggested words bar.”

    Some of them make total sense:

    With others, you can’t help but sense a bit of the stereotypical Microsoft nerd seep in:

    See the weirder tweets that Windows 8 writes. »

  3. Robin Hood in his twenties

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    Are you tired of self-centered,  single-serving tumblrs for malaised urban twenty-somethings? Me neither! Sometimes it’s nice to wallow in your own numbness.

    Fairy Tales for Twenty-Somethings is a Tumblr started in mid-August. It’s a folkloric version of ‘Fuck I’m in My Twenties’, with each post a self-contained story. Every post has the same competing senses of generalized anxiety and germinating self-actualization that characterizes the work of Emma Koenig, Lena Dunham, or Noah Baumbach.

    See some of the best posts before you read the blog’s entire archives. »

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