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Alex Moschina is a copywriter and creative professional based in Baltimore, MD. As a freelancer, Alex produces original articles, essays and supercuts for the web. In 2012, these projects garnered over a million views. See more at his blog.

  1. Dumb and Dumber karate

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    And terrible kung fu, and terrible taekwondo…

  2. Dot-Com-on-30-Rock

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    He must feel like a modern-day Leon Trotsky.

  3. Sex and the City segue supercut

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    “While Samantha was uptown, Miranda was downtown, and Charlotte was in Queens, I was hovering somewhere above the East River waiting for a plotline.”

    Inspiration: “Imaginary Lines From an Imaginary 9/11 Sex and the City Episode”

  4. 376 views, 1 comment

    The internet’s going nuts over the Kanye Wes Anderson Tumblr. So naturally, we decided to rip off the basic concept.

    Here are 7 more ridiculous rapper/director mash-ups:

    Oliver Stone Thugs-n-Harmony

    See Timbaland Burton and five more rapper-director mashups. »

  5. Candy Crowley

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    This is either a commentary on the entitled nature of the President and his challenger, or a silly pun on the name of debate moderator Candy Crowley.

    Watch our stupid little song. »

  6. Walter White freaks out on Breaking Bad

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    Guess Bryan Cranston found out that he didn’t win the Emmy this year.

    Watch all of Walter White’s freakouts from ‘Breaking Bad’. »

  7. Where's Carl from Walking Dead

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    As you wait for season 3 of Don’t Call Them Zombies, watch this musical ode to the show’s hero Carl, a boy who just wants a minute alone.

    Watch the Walking Dead ‘Where’s Carl?’ megamix. »

  8. RAIN Beatles tribute band

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    AUTHOR’S NOTE: Paul, John, George and – to a lesser extent – Ringo, please forgive me. I’ve been commissioned by Slacktory editor and known hedonist Nick Douglas to write a list of six reasons why the Beatles weren’t the greatest band of all time. I would have turned him down, but I’ve got two cats to feed and, well, I need the money.

    What’s worse is if this piece is well-received (or at least generates a significant amount of traffic), Nick will make me write other articles tearing apart the things I love. So please, stop reading now. Implore your friends and relatives to resist the brazen headline Nick’s bound to slap on this thing. And above all else, know that I’m so, so sorry.

    That said, here are six reasons why The Beatles kind of sort of maybe shouldn’t be considered the most innovative rock group of all time…

    Read the reasons. Click it! Don’t listen to Alex, he’s too soft! »

  9. girls performing industrial dance

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    Ever see gothy kids rhythmically pumping their arms in a mall parking lot? That was Industrial Dance. Here’s how it works.

    Watch Alex Moschina break down Industrial Dance. »

  10. Liz Lemon walk and talk 30 Rock

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    The walk and talk is such an essential element of American TV that it’s touched not just dramas like The West Wing and Law & Order, but also Power Rangers, Seinfeld, and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. And all these shows have meta-walk-and-talked.

    Watch every TV show walk and talk about walking and talking. »

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