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Alex Moschina is a copywriter and creative professional based in Baltimore, MD. As a freelancer, Alex produces original articles, essays and supercuts for the web. In 2012, these projects garnered over a million views. See more at his blog.

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    So… how was your Thanksgiving? Looking forward to Christmas with the family?

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  3. Monster behind you

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    For the love of god, watch your six.

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    If you find yourself in a scary movie, stick close to everyone. The moment you split up, you’re hacked up.

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  5. cat scare movies

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    If a TV or film character is creeping around a spooky place, they will get scared by a cat.

    Inspired by TV Tropes: Cat Scare.

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  6. Cinderella almost kisses the prince

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  7. SNL actors breaking

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    On Saturday Night Live, everyone eventually breaks character during a scene. Even Will Ferrell, and especially Jimmy Fallon.

  8. George Bluth sells protein bars

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    George Sr. treats prison like a sleepaway camp in this Arrested Development highlight reel.

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  9. Monty Python machine goes ping

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  10. hack the mainframe

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