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Writer/GIF animator/Blogger for WitStream and CollegeHumor, stand-up comedian in Brooklyn, copyright holder on the nickname "Schmidty". Twitter: @AlexSchmidty

  1. Apple Pickers banner

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    Apple Pickers


    “Pumpkin spice please. Not the latte, just pour the spice down my throat.”

    Written and performed by Alex Schmidt and Nick Douglas
    Director of photography: Nate Bennett
    Music: “Nothing Much” by My Bubba & Mi

  2. Alex Rodriguez and Game of Thrones

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    We all know the winners will be the ones with the most money. Why do we bother watching them compete?

    Written by Alex Schmidt
    Directed by Tom Leveritt
    Performed by Alex Schmidt and Nick Douglas

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    I’ve been going through them for months now. Recognize any of these emotions in yourself?

    1. DENIAL


    Nope nope nope this is NOT going to be like when Alive 2007 owned the end of my 2007 and all of my 2008 and parts of my 2009. I’ll just watch this YouTube clip of the combined SNL promos one. more. time. [Repeat dozens of times]

    2. ANGER


    Woooooooah-kay, that Soundcloud file is NOT the actual full version of “Get Lucky”. I’m going to savage this latest faker in an Internet comment section. That busywork makes the waiting easier, right? [Repeat dozens of times]

    See the rest of the five-step Daft Punk process. »

  4. Cougar Town title card joke

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    The creators of ABC/TBS’s “Cougar Town” hate their show’s title so much that they’ve tried to change it several times. And starting with season 2, they added a joke to the title card nearly every episode, mocking their own show’s name.

    Music: The Cougar Town theme song, “In the Moment” by Waz

  5. hughhulk

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    Here’s proof that the star of Notting Hill and the six-time WWF champion play the same cultural role, even though they seem like they’re worlds apart:

    1. They’re both performing artists whom no one wants to see as an “artist.”

    Hugh Grant hasn’t just never been nominated for an Oscar. Hugh Grant has zero Academy Award nominations even though he starred in movies nominated for Best Picture in 1993 and 1994 and 1995. That means the Academy paid very close attention to his acting in multiple quality films, yet still snubbed him hard. Hugh has had to settle for the mild praise of a single Golden Globe win for his role in Four Weddings and a Funeral, beating out “respected” thespians like Jim Carrey and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    Hulk Hogan, of course, has the same problem. Read on. »

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    Celebrities: they’re just like us, but with SO many more Twitter followers. Maybe that’s why regular people feel comfortable tweeting starstruck nonsense at the world’s most influential social media users. I assume—or I hope—they figure it’s just going to fly under the radar of the rich and famous, and no one will ever notice that they communicated some embarrassingly dopey sputterings to their favorite famous person.

    Nothing flies under our bottom-feeding radar, though, so here’s some tweets that answered celebrity blather with even less impressive online repartee:

    Screen shot 2013-02-18 at 10.17.38 PM

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  7. George-Senior-in-Arrested-Development-dream

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    Let’s assume the following about Arrested Development:

    Everything from the beginning of the pilot episode till the main act break, when the SEC raids the Bluths’ boat party and arrests George Sr., actually happened.


    From there, George Sr. is rightly convicted of treason (for aiding Saddam Hussein, as revealed in later episodes of the show) and receives a death sentence.

    George Sr. is held prisoner in the awful conditions afforded to an enemy of the United States who is awaiting execution.

    George Sr. is psychologically unprepared for this kind of horror, and suffers a mental breakdown.

    From there the rest of Arrested Development is a fantasy George Sr. plays out in his mind fulltime, to avoid facing his own guilt and his own mortality.


    See ten ways the whole series makes a lot more sense in this scenario. »

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    So Zack Snyder was, and then wasn’t, making a Seven Samurai ripoff within the Star Wars universe for Disney. He’s got a very distinctive style, so everyone had the potential movie appear fully formed in their mind’s eye as soon as they heard the news.

    Yoda Sparta

    And since Disney’s planning to do a bunch of Star Wars universe movies beyond the new trilogy, we’ve got a lot more auteur Jedi epics to imagine. So here’s what will come to mind if any critically acclaimed directors get a rumored chance to build on George Lucas’s legacy.

    First up: Woody Allen’s ‘To Tatooine With Love’ »

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    We noticed this technique on the slick original GIF blog GIF Movie. So we copied it! Because this should be a whole new genre.



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