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    If your Sims had to speak English, what would they say? Things like “I’m just living off the money everyone gets when they start existing.” Listen to Mortimer Goth and Bob Newbie reignite a friendship—and then ignite each other.

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    Alex Coulombe celebrates the best of movie archers. Highlight: Every Robin Hood movie where Robin’s arrow splits the last arrow.

  3. Aaron Paul in Need for Speed

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    Jesse’s Revenge


    After the end of Breaking Bad, Jesse Pinkman had plans. Big plans.

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    Why is 2013 turning into such a bad year for superhero movies? They should have seen how 2012 did it:

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    Extended Backstreet Boys superhero sacrifice cut

  5. Breaking Bad Weird Al Albuquerque - Saul Goodman

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    Weird Al Yankovic’s eleven-minute epic gets dramatized by Walter White and the other fine residents of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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