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    Bob Dylan recently caused an uproar by appearing in a Super Bowl ad for Chrysler. Fans were furious that their idol would betray them like this, giving them no say in how much money he makes and specifically how he makes it.

    Selling out has been a constant concern for fans of artists. By accepting money from big companies, artists are engaging in a filthy act that almost literally amounts to pooping in their fans’ mouths.

    But thankfully, selling out is on its way out, thanks to a revolutionary new website called Sell-In.

    See how Sell-In works. »

  2. who-called-receptionist

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    Who called?


    NBC called. It wants its office satire back.

  3. A Christmas visit from Dave Penderson

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    A Slacktory original by Aaron Nevins.

  4. Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band sucks

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    Reprinted with permission from Aaron Nevins on Tumblr.

    As a culture, we’ve all been inundated with buzz about The Beatles. They’re probably one of the most hyped bands since The Head and the Heart, and more power to ‘em. Clearly the dude handling their web presence is doing a bang-up job. I like to consider myself immune to these taste-making music blogs, but I finally gave in and gave the so-called “best fuckin band ever” (— Shitcakes2433, a listen, and I was appalled at what I heard.

    The Beatles are a band that shamelessly rips off everyone from Arcade Fire to Animal Collective to Sufjan Stevens to Vampire Weekend, and anyone in between who received higher than a 7.4 rating on Pitchfork. And believe me, the result is less than the sum of its parts.

    Read a track-by-track takedown of these ripoff artists. »

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