Tough Love episode 3 is out! Steven gets stressed out by his meditation teacher, and Blaire wonders if she’s gay.

This was the first episode we shot, and it was fun. On day 1 of shooting, Emily Fletcher kindly let us use her meditation studio and played a high-strung, evil version of herself.

Tough Love, a comedy series about two roommates afraid of New York City and of their own sex lives, has been compared to “Broad City” by The Daily Dot.

Steven: Steven Bell
Blaire: Blaire Wendel
Jogger: Elizabeth Zephyrine McDonough
Guru: Emily Fletcher
Assistant: Sarah Baskin

Written by: Steven Bell and Nick Douglas

Directed by: Steven Bell

Editor/Sound Designer: Cody Ball

Director of Photography: Brendan Swift

Gaffer/Sound Recording: Brandon Pro

Yacht: “I’m in Love with a Ripper”
Soumitra Lahiri and Shailendra Mishra: “Live at WFMU”
Miquel Parera Jaques: “QAD-2013-05-13_22_14_36-Stereo”
Strobotone: “San Fran Interlude (Edit)”
Lee Rosevere: “Nightfall”

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