Posts Published November 2013

  1. Alex on Apt 8 News

    Apt 8 News: Locked in the Bathroom

    Alex delivers a special report using a microphone made from a flashlight and a sock.

    Directed & produced by James Madejski & Kris Wellman
    Shot & edited by James Madejski
    Written by Kris Wellman
    Post-production supervisor: Bryan Honig
    Starring: Chelsea Kurtz and David Allen

  2. Supercut: We don’t negotiate with terrorists

    I’m particularly proud of the Olsen twins in clip 3.

    Edited by Brett Roberts and Travis Greenwood.

    Source list:

    Air Force One
    Winning London
    The Dark Knight Rises
    Tropic Thunder
    Collateral Damage
    Land Of The Blind
    World Is Not Enough
    Austin Power: International Man Of Mystery
    The Simpsons (“Sideshow Bob’s Last Gleaming”)
    Winning London
    Get Smart
    The Delta Force

  3. The Avengers trailer: Blooper edition

    The Avengers blooper reel makes a great movie trailer.

  4. Apple Pickers banner

    Apple Pickers

    “Pumpkin spice please. Not the latte, just pour the spice down my throat.”

    Written and performed by Alex Schmidt and Nick Douglas
    Director of photography: Nate Bennett
    Music: “Nothing Much” by My Bubba & Mi

  5. Apt 8 News mouse problem

    Apt 8 News: To Catch a Fatass

    The third episode of the news show by and about the residents of Apartment 8.

    Follow @Apt8News, a Twitter feed with actual jokes and not just “watch our show” promos.

    Directed & produced by James Madejski & Kris Wellman
    Shot & edited by James Madejski
    Written by Kris Wellman
    Assistant Director: Mike Morabito
    Post-production supervisor: Bryan Honig
    Camera & Sound: Matt Lewis and Dan Salgorolo
    Starring: Lizzie Bassett, Chelsea Kurtz, and Sarah Purdum

  6. Montage: Buddy cops in film

    A celebration of the American buddy cop subgenre in movies.

    Edited by Brutzelpretzel and Clara Darko.

    See credits, artist’s note, and a timecoded source list. »

  7. Star Wars movie trailer: Blooper edition

    A vintage Star Wars ad with all the footage replaced by bloopers. Yeah, I’d watch two hours of that.

    Watch the original, newly revealed blooper reel.

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