Posts Published September 2013

  1. Aaron Paul in Need for Speed

    Jesse’s Revenge

    After the end of Breaking Bad, Jesse Pinkman had plans. Big plans.

  2. How to make a superhero movie in 10 easy steps

    Why is 2013 turning into such a bad year for superhero movies? They should have seen how 2012 did it:

    More by Alex Coulombe
    Music by Mat Coulombe, see more at SoundCloud
    Extended Backstreet Boys superhero sacrifice cut

  3. Alex Rodriguez and Game of Thrones

    Everything wrong with Game of Thrones/baseball

    We all know the winners will be the ones with the most money. Why do we bother watching them compete?

    Written by Alex Schmidt
    Directed by Tom Leveritt
    Performed by Alex Schmidt and Nick Douglas

  4. wife looks at ugly husband

    Seeing him for the first time again

    It can be great to wake up from surgery forgetting who you’re married to—if you’re impressed by them. But sometimes it doesn’t work out that way.

    Starring Meghan O’Neill.

  5. Social media is beer, not heroin

    A response to people who demonize Facebook and Twitter addiction.

    Original Zen Pencils comic

  6. Cormac McCarthy

    Famous author book club

    Stephen King and Neil Gaiman show up to a book club in Meghan O’Neill’s newest “PICTURES” sketch.

  7. Do you believe this guy

    Supercut: I don’t believe this guy!

    It’s what movie characters say about an hour before they believe the aforementioned guy.

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