Posts Published August 2013

  1. Cinderella almost kisses the prince
  2. Remember 2006 collage 600

    Remember 2006

    Ride the bleeding edge of nostalgia with Siminz’s mashup of pop music, TV, movies and video games from 2006.

    See more “Remember” videos by Siminz.

  3. Performance artist parody

    What is performance art?

    Performance artist Vera Anastasijevic explains her art and her upbringing in Serbia.

    Made by Julio Torres Quintanilla and Lena Einbinder.
    Follow them at Julio and Lena.

  4. Nick and Siri sexts slacktory

    Nick and Siri: Last Night’s Sexts

    Siri wants to wipe her memory after Nick’s latest selfie.

    Written by Alex Schmidt.

  5. rappers love Jewish lawyers hed

    Rappers love Jewish lawyers

    I don’t even want to hear about their Muslim accountants.

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