Twin Peaks coffee scene

Massive quantities!

Edited by Bryan Menegus


  • twinpie

    I feel like I owe you some coffee and pie for making this, Bryan!

  • Robert Jones

    I need a pencil and a paper because I’m going to write an epic poem about this video!

  • Claire

    Really enjoyed this video. Feel like some pie right about now!

  • Dugpa

    Add the FWWM references and it would be perfect!

  • coop

    I feel one is missing though. when cooper expounds on how he likes his coffee. he says he likes it black like a moonless night or something. great line.. was waiting for that one.

    • texas

      Black as a midnight on a moonless night

  • Stevel659

    How do you like your coffee? Cooper: “Black as midnight on a moonless night.” That’s pretty black.

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