Posts Published June 2013

  1. Nick Douglas smokes on Nailed It

    Nailed It: How to quit smoking

    Welcome back to Nailed It, the how-to show that’s still trying! Today we’re going to help you quit smoking.

    Written by and starring: Nick Douglas
    Directed, produced, and edited by: Tom Leveritt
    Drug dealer: Jason Oberholtzer

  2. Woody Allen is the Terminator

    Woody Allen is the Terminator

    Using only audio from trailers for The Terminator and video from Woody Allen’s Sleeper, One Minute Galactica presents a robot that’s more neurotic than terrifying.

  3. We're not so different Scary Movie 3

    We’re not so different, you and I

    Movie villains think everyone’s the same.

    See the source films. »

  4. Machine gun firing in movie

    Gunplay: A tribute to gunfights in film

    In the movies, people don’t kill people, guns kill people. And robots. And intelligent apemen.

    Credits and info »

  5. Apt 8 News Jackie caught eating

    Apt 8 News: Episode 1

    Two roommates make a news show about their apartment, but they can’t stop fighting.

    See the credits. »

  6. Arrested Development fake websites - I'm Oscar dot com

    Arrested Development’s fakest websites

    You won’t find these online. Go ahead, do a Something search.

  7. Anthropologie Girls Pictures

    Anthropologie Girls

    Models from the Anthropologie catalog share secrets in the newest episode of “Pictures: The Webseries.”

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