Hey y’all, it’s me, Troy Crossley. You may know me as the talented young rapper using his music to get the word out about the innocence of accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar (Jahar) Tsarnaev.

But I’m not just an aspiring musician and entrepreneur (I am those things, though) – I’m also a champion of social justice, as well as an extremely gifted rapper, but also the social justice thing, too.

Jahar is innocent, and I have proof. It’s all there on my Facebook page. Just click “like” and I will post more evidence, and also make sure to follow me on Twitter, and check out my mixtape. It’s what Jahar would want.

To all my haters out there calling me a narcissistic, self-serving asshole: would you say that to MLK? All y’all saying shit like that to me, it’s pretty obvious you haven’t listened to my latest mixtape, “It’s Jahard-Knock Life,” available for download right now. Also, check out my YouTube page. I’ve uploaded some info on Jahar—it’s at the bottom, below some random cool-ass music:

The media is lying to you. That’s just a fact. They are owned by corporate interests, and have no interest in telling you the truth. If you want the truth, go to YouTube and type in “Boston Marathon Fake.” Check out that one vid where some dude talking through a voice modulator zooms in on grainy photos for 13 minutes. You can skip the ads after 5 seconds.

Pretty unbelievable stuff, right? Huh? What’s that? Damn dude, you still believe the media? Maybe these next few photos will change your mind:


I think this one speaks for itself. Faces in the crowd spelling out Jahar? Nice try, false flag mass media sheeple. You’re not gonna fool ol’ Troy Crossley, aspiring young rapper, very talented.

What are the chances? Wake up. You’re being lied to.


Unreal. Maybe the most compelling piece of evidence out there. Also make sure to read the small writing at the bottom, I can’t really make it out, let me know what it says.

Still not convinced? Well, guess what: our thousands of supporters all agree that Jahar is innocent, this whole thing is a false flag operation, and Harry is the cutest member of One Direction. Check out these testimonies from just a few members of the Jahar Army (or Jaharians, we haven’t decided on a cool name yet):


“Jahar admitted his guilt” Wow maybe use your brain once in a while? #JaharIsOurAmazingIdol #JahariansAreProudOfJahar #FreeJahar


his smile warms my heart <3 i just want to give him a hug. google “bilderberg group”


u can see in the video that the flags are waving in diffrent directions. wake up people. jahar is innocent. #freejahar

Okay guys, get out there and spread the word. My next mixtape drops July 1st, and Jahar is innocent of all charges. If you’re looking for more info on the #FreeJahar movement, just hit up my Facebook page, all the info you need is right there, underneath the link to my latest mixtape, click it if you want, whatever, no biggie, I mean it’s right there, just one link, maybe give it a listen, makes no difference to me, do what you want, y’know, whatever. Stay strong, everybody—The Truth Will Come Out (tentative title of my next mixtape).

  • KM


    • acrotalusa

      I was just about to type this

      • Wally SirFatty

        yeah, me too!

  • winston

    Jahar, the ,stress free guy,? The guy found hiding in a boat? That guy? Oh yeah, he looks real innocent. There is no law against being stupid but it doesnt help your case much. ‘Jahar is innocent” Repeating nonsense ad nauseam will never make it true. So all the ‘facts’ are right here, huh? Despite your claim to the contrary, you dont present a single piece of evidence here, in defense of Jahar. There is nothing on compelling on youtube with regard to this being a false flag attack. (I know, Ive looked carefully) Nothing there but except photoshopped images (like the one that has victim Jeff Bauman removed from the image that simple-minded people think means the attack was staged. They obviously never heard of Occam’s Razor) and uninformed idiots (like Alex Jones) making baseless assumptions. If I saw any actual evidence that showed, even the possibility, that Jahar and his brother were innocent of these charges, I would certainly make note of it. I’ve yet to see it. You claimed it would be found here..You have a whoole page here and you present, what? Absolute dick. Nothing. ‘Buy my tape’ -pathetic. Whereas the government claims to have video of one of these animals dropping off his backpack and walking away, a backpack that subsequently explodes. There are also eyewitnesses claiming to have seen the same thing. These guys have been identified by people who were there.

    Their lowlife mother has an open arrest warrant for shoplifting $1600.00 from a Lord & Taylor, for goodness sakes. lol. Yet this is a woman who pretends to be religious. That she is a con artist and a criminal, we can be sure of. If she were religious, she wouldn’t be a thief and she wouldn’t have fled from justice. How beautiful is it that the best and most damning video authorities located of Jahar & Tamerlan committing their crime came from the Lord & Taylor on Boylston. Cosmic justice.

    You know, I totally get being outraged at the US slaughter of innocents overseas. Wars based on lies. I get it. What I dont get. What I have to really press my mind to even try and imagine is, how incredibly stupid a person has to be to think that the solution to the murder of innocents is to murder yet more innocent people.

    • Nikki Cee

      obviously you didn’t get the point that this ‘article’ was written sarcastically to make fun of troy :/

    • acrotalusa

      wow, moron

    • stefan

      Hi Winston. This article is entirely truthful. I am Troy Crossley and this is what I believe. You really showed me.

    • Truth$ayer™

      You obviously don’t recognize satire when you see it. I laughed. It was very well done.

    • vicki

      agree with you! even if its not troy you are still right.

  • DJ Fals3Flag

    Also there were TWO backpacks. Who needs TWO backpacks?? Nobody, that is who. It’s the fat-cat business tycoons who think they can pull one over on us, but not me. When I’m not making 100% fresh hip-hop beats, (checkout my soundcloud, exclusive beats, download if you want, idk,) I’m studying illuminati patterns in these “terrorist” attacks. It’s all run by the Jews, the media, everything; and Jahad’s not even Jewish!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!! You’re missing the evidence right in front of you, (just like my beats, fresh&new, download now)

  • Edgar LastName

    I love you lol

  • Fredrick O’Connell

    You have absolutely no proof whatsoever, this is a phony rapper’s opinion who keeps repeating how good he is. Terrible evidence and no support. You made a drastic conclusion and you’re just a lost young kid, there are many things you don’t understand.

    • stefan

      Fred how did you read the entire article and still not get it. You must be a very boring person.

  • TerrorismINAmericaISlol

    Whoever made this page is either a CIA disinformation internet troll or a part of the 30 to 40 percent of this nation that will never understand the truth and never will. I dont care about troy crossley but when we kill innocent people in this country its a tragedy. I am Jahar and Jahar is me. I’m not a super fact machine because I still eat at ‘donalds, but ill tell you “#freejahar is for real because FBI press releases have always been bullshit”

    • Marjorie Tolentino

      “I’m not a super fact machine because I still eat at ‘donalds”—I love this and will start using it all the time. The little nuggets of wisdom that come from the mouths of the mentally challenged, it warms my heart.

  • Val Gronoff

    Look at this man!!!!!!!!!! at marathon and witness at Water Town Shooting!!!!

    • Fatithful Sentinel

      Wow, somebody who went to the marathon actually lived locally. OMG!! What are the odds?

  • Steve

    Wow, I’m surprised and a little dissappointed that people actually think this is a real article. Oh well, ‘Merica FTW.

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