Posts Published May 2013

  1. Anchorman in phone booth

    Don’t go in the phone booth

    In the movies, the only one safe in a phone booth is Superman.

  2. cowboys play pong - video games in movies

    Video games in movies: The twenty-minute montage

    A twenty-minute montage of video games and arcades in film, by Travis Greenwood and Brett Roberts.

  3. Malory Archer and Lucille Bluth mashup

    Malory Archer is Lucille Bluth

    A public service to Arrested Development fans who haven’t tried Archer. And vice versa.

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  4. Michael Corleone

    Arrested Godfather

    Now the story of a crime family who stole everything, and the one son who had no choice but to make them legitimate.

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  5. Goldman Sachs Kickstarter project

    Goldman Sachs Kickstarter project

    If Macklemore thinks $50 for a t-shirt is a ripoff, wait til he sees Goldman Sachs’s reward tiers.

  6. George Bluth sells protein bars

    Arrested Development: George Bluth loves prison

    George Sr. treats prison like a sleepaway camp in this Arrested Development highlight reel.

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  7. Arrested Development boob flash

    The ultimate Arrested Development supercut

    We put eighteen of Arrested Development‘s greatest running gags into one giant supercut.

  8. Drive Deplorably banner

    Drive Deplorably with Steven Spielberg

    Learn how to drive from the 1949 instructional video You’re Driving 90 Horses and the 1971 Steven Spielberg killer-truck TV movie Duel.

  9. Doctor Who sonic screwdriver
  10. The 5 stages of the new Daft Punk

    I’ve been going through them for months now. Recognize any of these emotions in yourself?

    1. DENIAL


    Nope nope nope this is NOT going to be like when Alive 2007 owned the end of my 2007 and all of my 2008 and parts of my 2009. I’ll just watch this YouTube clip of the combined SNL promos one. more. time. [Repeat dozens of times]

    2. ANGER


    Woooooooah-kay, that Soundcloud file is NOT the actual full version of “Get Lucky”. I’m going to savage this latest faker in an Internet comment section. That busywork makes the waiting easier, right? [Repeat dozens of times]

    See the rest of the five-step Daft Punk process. »

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