Posts Published March 2013

  1. Game of Thrones swearing - Arya Stark
  2. Star Trek Into Taxes
  3. hack the mainframe
  4. T-rex and Han Solo

    Star Wars vs. Jurassic Park

    Welcome… to JurAT-AT Park.

  5. Stories behind 30 stock photos of unhappy couples in bed

    Unhappy couple in bed 38

    “How did she see my tattoo? I covered it with two tank tops!”

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  6. Nick Douglas gives pickup artist tips

    Nick’s tips for gettin’ laid

    If these tips can’t get you laid, then any other tips probably still can.

    See the credits. »

  7. Separated at birth!

    1. Uncle Buck and Del Griffith

    Separated at birth - Uncle Buck and Planes Trains and Automobiles

    Take the mustache off the guy from Planes, Trains, and Automobiles and put a hat on him. Uncanny.

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  8. SkyMall friends

    SkyMall Friends

    What if the people in the SkyMall catalog hung out?

    See more catalog videos by Meghan O’Neill.

  9. hughhulk

    4 reasons Hugh Grant and Hulk Hogan are the same person

    Here’s proof that the star of Notting Hill and the six-time WWF champion play the same cultural role, even though they seem like they’re worlds apart:

    1. They’re both performing artists whom no one wants to see as an “artist.”

    Hugh Grant hasn’t just never been nominated for an Oscar. Hugh Grant has zero Academy Award nominations even though he starred in movies nominated for Best Picture in 1993 and 1994 and 1995. That means the Academy paid very close attention to his acting in multiple quality films, yet still snubbed him hard. Hugh has had to settle for the mild praise of a single Golden Globe win for his role in Four Weddings and a Funeral, beating out “respected” thespians like Jim Carrey and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    Hulk Hogan, of course, has the same problem. Read on. »

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