Welcome to the World of Spiders, a world where friendly spiders of all shapes and sizes are ready to help you out with everyday tasks. No job too big or too small for any of these spiders! They’re ready to help in any way they can – some might even show up in surprising places when you least expect it. No thanks necessary! It’s all just business as usual in the World of Spiders.

World of Spiders: spider seatbelt

Instead of a seatbelt to strap you in every morning, a cheerful Giant Huntsman Spider waits embedded in the back of your car seat. When it feels you sit down, it slowly unfurls its legs and coils them around you, keeping you safe and keeping you close. Just don’t come to any sudden stops!

World of Spiders: spider windshield

Who needs windshield wipers when you’ve got your very own Brown Sydney Trapdoor Spider huckled underneath the hood? At the first drop of rain, you’ll see his friendly, familiar outline skitter up from out of the engine block, then twist and twitch frantically back and forth across the glass. Is he trying to keep your windshield clear? Is he trying to get out?

World of Spiders: spider eyelashes

Just fasten them very, very gently to your lash line and you’re ready to go! (They love the warmth from your skin).

World of Spiders: spider bouquet

There’s no better way to say “I’m sorry” than a fresh bouquet of fresh spiders. They’re curled up sleeping now, but they’ll wake up soon!

World of Spiders: spider door

Oh, you’re not leaving, are you? You are? Isn’t there anything we can do to change your mind? You insist? All right, then. Anyone can leave Spider World! You don’t have to stay, if you’d rather go (although we don’t know why you’d want to leave). There’s the door, right over there. Just turn the doorknob and step outside. Oh, that’s funny. Well, the knob’s in there somewhere. Just reach a little further. You’ll find it. Keep going. Almost there now. See you again, real soon.

Illustrated by Jen Hickman. See more at

Photo by/CC giovzaid85 on Flickr

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