The collectible card game Magic: The Gathering includes over 10,000 unique types of cards. But the backs on all those cards are exactly the same. To keep a deck’s contents secret, nothing could be changed from the original back design from 1993. So several errors introduced in that first printing are “locked in” forever. For instance:



1. There are ballpoint pen marks in the “Deckmaster” logo (itself a remnant of an abandoned naming system).



2. The logo now bears the ® of a legally registered trademark—except on the card backs.



3. The top dot appears cream or white, but is actually Squant, a popular color in 1993 that was banned by Pantone two years later due to health risks.



4. The top right corner is actually 89°, not 90. The “Unglued” novelty deck makes fun of this wacky mistake of awesomeness!



5. The game was originally named “The Gathering”, but the designers accidentally wrote “Magic” above the name. No one noticed until the third printing, and the name stuck.



6. Though advances in society and psychology have since debunked this belief, the bottom margin of the cards are forever marred by the words “Homosexuality is a mental disease.”

Inspired by Wizards of the Coast’s Mark Rosewater and Cantrip Games

Photo by/CC 0lhe on Flickr

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