Angry Birds game physics

I’m not a gamer. My favorite game growing up was Kid Icarus. But I am a connoisseur of absurdist humor, and that’s why I love /r/gamephysics.

The subreddit bills itself as “a subreddit for game physics at its best and worst. This means games with up and coming physics tech and games that are glitching out in hilarious ways.” Boy oh boy do they deliver. People can submit either GIFs or short video clips, and here I have gathered a selection of my favorite GIFs, mainly because these are dramatically enhanced by the automatic loop.

Let’s begin with one of my favorites, submitted by Booona, in which a propane tank explosion is triggered by a cup of coffee:

Coffe Explosion

There are two I loved that are both titled “I must go, my people need me.” The first was submitted by sprite144:

I must go my people need me basketball

The second (and by far one of the strangest posts in this subreddit) comes courtesy of Dickfore:

I must go my people need me horse

This gem was submitted by blackpixel with the title, “So much for a day at the park.” A lack of gravity will do that to you:

Anti-Gravity Day in the Park

Dickfore‘s soccer player jauntily floats as well:

Hover Soccer

Blackpixel also shared this gif of a trick that would sure merit a gold medal if it were physically possible:

Skateboarding Glitch

Booona shared a novel method of attack from Grand Theft Auto 4:

Ragdoll Assault

Of this particular gif, Dickfore simply says, “The sniper looks a little big”:

Giant Sniper

xMrChuckles picked the worst time to buy a hot dog:

No Hot Dog for You

Dickfore landed a flawless front flip:

Tank Front Flip

Lesi20 nailed a smooth takeoff in Just Cause 2:

Smooth Take Off

This one isn’t technically a glitch, but there was no way I was going to finish this post without it. Photosherp gives us Super Mario Brothers world -1 in .gif:


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