Faming Simulator Mad Skill - zero fucks given

This video is the reward you get after your ten thousandth hour spent on memes and video games. If “no-scope cornshot” sounds to you like it could be a joke, even if you don’t know what that joke is, then I am about to make you climax.

The only superior accomplishment would be an Anamanaguchi-soundtracked Zynga killshot cumpilation.

Most other videos on SsethTzeentach’s YouTube channel are harder to comprehend, unless you’re deeply versed in machinima, early-internet animutation, or League of Legends. For instance, “Dark Souls: Prepare to Barrel Edition” seems to be both a celebration and a mockery of the game Dark Souls. Is it super-pretentious to say this is the avant-garde of YouTube entertainment?

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