A Night in Miles Kelley

I like awful homemade comedy/”random” videos even more than Plan 9 From Outer Space or The Room. Failed comedy can be as fascinating as failed horror or melodrama. And YouTube examples are more impressive than movies, where there’s at least some semblance of a budget and a plot, and where multiple people were willing to get involved.

This NSFW video (another Cole Stryker discovery) is a filthy porn parody starring one chubby guy having sex with himself, plus a couple of friends as body doubles. It’s beautifully self-indulgent, inconsistent, and degrading. Miles at least deserves sincere praise for making a fool of himself and being the butt of his own joke.

The camerawork, the editing, the choice of “lol insult” comedy, are all part of this young-male comedy-video flavor profile that I think should particularly appeal to comedians.

I don’t want to “bash” these guys. Like the creators of The Room, they’ve still made something entertaining. And every good comedian has something like this in his past, except Louis CK, who simply popped into being in 2010.

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