most threatening actors in cyberspace

Irrespective of sophistication, the volume of exploitation attempts yielded enough successful breaches to make China the most threatening actor in cyberspace.

USCC 2012 Annual Report to Congress

  • George Clooney on Halo 4: Spartan Ops
  • Patton Oswalt and David Cross in an @-war
  • The friend who invited you to her community theater show on Facebook
  • Lena Dunham’s lifeforce
  • Gilbert Gottfried’s deathforce
  • Liam Neesons
  • Mark Hamill, by proxy through fans of his highly successful voiceover career, when a Redditor offhandedly mentions him as a has-been
  • Wil Wheaton, Wil Wheaton, Wil Wheaton
  • Aaron Paul GIFs
  • The chick who plays Daenerys Targaryen, when discussed as total jailbait bro
  • What remains of Frankie Muniz

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