Alice from the Brady Bunch with the Step by Step family

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Nice try, Patrick Duffy!

I’m onto your little ruse. I saw that little stunt you and Suzanne Somers pulled last Friday night during TGIF. And once others wise up to your scheme you’re gonna be in some deep shit.

First of all you named your show Step by Step but then you didn’t use the New Kids on the Block song of the same name in any capacity, which is just a total waste. But even worse than that, you completely ripped off The Brady Bunch and you didn’t even do a good job of hiding it.

Let’s look at the evidence. The Brady Bunch had a dark-haired dad who worked as an architect while Step by Step has a dark-haired dad who works as a contractor. The Brady Bunch had a blonde-haired mother named Carol, Step by Step also has a blonde-haired mother named Carol.

Both shows feature six kids, three from each side of the marriage, however Step by Step tries to mix it up by giving the dad a daughter and the mom a son. But the daughter is a tomboy who goes by Al, a straight-up boy’s name, and the son Mark is a little dweeb who is so devoid of testosterone he might as well be Cindy Brady.

At some point I was expecting Staci Keanan to get hit in the nose by a football.

The only original character is Cody, but his status as the goofy outsider to the family practically makes him the Alice character. It’s a shame too, because Cody is too great a character to be wasted on a stinker of a show like this one. He’s got a laid-back surfer attitude, he speaks in gnarly modern slang and he’s a martial arts expert — if he was also somehow a dinosaur, he’d be the epitome of everything that is happening in the world right now.

So basically what I’m saying is that until Florence Henderson finds out about this show and shuts the whole thing down, I’ll keep watching Step by Step — but only because I like Cody.

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