iPhone video editing

Apple’s iPhone 5 and the fifth-generation iPod touch appear to be suffering from a strange glitch that means they struggle to keep up with rapid touch inputs, particularly when scrolling at a 45-degree angle.

Cult of Mac

That’s not even the worst bug in the iPhone 5! Consider these other serious flaws:

  • Scraping razor blade across the glass makes unpleasant sound
  • Smaller than iPad Mini
  • Not available as live-updating palm tattoo
  • Sometimes the other player wins Letterpress

  • Finite hard drive space
  • Siri calls soda “pop”
  • Something about the Golden Ratio
  • Well now I gotta buy a longer Hello Kitty case
  • Instant Facebook post feature responsible for massive friend loss
  • No trigger warning on Instagram
  • Black version actually extremely dark grey
  • Too many apps
  • Sushi restaurant ratings inflated by a quarter-star
  • When dropped in mud, phone gets dirty
  • Apple Maps
  • Aeryk Pierson

    I have found that after I got my iPhone 5 the bouquet of my flatus more nutty, with a quaint buttery high note. It’s quite nice.

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